SPEEDCinema Slider Launches on Kickstarter

SPEEDCinema_ The Game Changing Camera Slider, Dolly & Rail by Gavin Seim — KickstarterAfter 9 months of work we finally launched on Kickstarter this week. We’re off to a slow start, but the SPEEDCinema is an amazing versatile camera motion tool that turned into so much more than we originally planned.

SPEEDCinema is fluid motion that goes anywhere. It’s a 3 in 1 Slider/Rail/Dolly system for filmmakers & time lapse with an EXPANDABLE rail.

Check it out on Kickstarter and please help us spread the word.

A portable SPEEDTube kit starts at just $159 for Kickstarter backers and complete rail kits with wheels and mounts start at just $298.

This is a system that’s been a long time and coming and it does something no other motion system has ever offered.

Keep the word going… Gav

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Protoype Testing on the SPEEDCinema

Speed Cinema Mini Rail

It been months, but we’re still here. All Spring and summer Nathan and I have been working on prototypes, design refinements and launch plans. Today I wanted to give you a behind the scenes sneak peak for testing we were out doing yesterday.

Here’s a prototype look at the SPEEDCinema. Just one of the configurations of the most versatile, portable camera motion system you’ve ever used. It’s light enough to carry anywhere and heavy duty enough to use with serious cams. Today we’re running our C100 – Oh and did we mention this beauty is going to be VERY affordable.

We really are getting close. You should see big news in the next few weeks. Stay tuned and join the newsletters below to make sure you get updates.

Gavin Seim



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The Speed Rail is Coming Soon

SpeedRailThe ION is still in the works. It’s coming slow but it’s going to be good. But ION is not the only innovation we’re building here at Atomic Feather. The Speed Rail has been underway in secret for nearly six months. It’s a rail system for lateral camera motion that is like nothing else on the market.

Speed rail will make getting fluid lateral motion a snap. The best part is it will do it virtually anywhere due to it’s lightweight expandable design, all at a cost that’s very affordable. We plan to have this product shipping Summer 2013.

This rough test was done using our second prototype. Gavin has been out in the field testing while Nathan has been back in the shop refining parts. Ignore the bad audio here, this is just a motion test. We’ll have more to show you soon. Make sure you’re subscribed to the newsletter.

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First ION Airframe Parts Have Arrived: Solid Aluminum.

You may not imagine how exciting this is for us. Months. Hundreds of hours of work into designing the nuances of these parts. Today we got the first run back from the machine shop. Holding them in our hands feels very good. And big props to Nathan, our lead engineer. Yess therev are only two of us, but he takes the lead in part design as I come up with ideas.

We felt we were building this well, but in holding them. The sturdiness of our frame comments parts is like nothing else on the market. This is going to be a long lasting machine folks.

These represent core parts of the amazing ION Airframe. Including a universal camera mounting plate. Pretty much an industry first for this type of machine.

We know we’ve not released all the details on this yet, but the parts look good and we’re ready to start first assembly. We’re on target for full releasing details sometime in Jan 2013… Gav

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ION Core Electronics are Coming Along

Nathan’s wiring up electrical systems for the ION prototype. We’re dealing with 8 motors to keep the system stable in the air with it’s gear mounted. That means lots of reliable wiring is needed and we’re not skimping. A lot of engineering time has be put in, not only to the routing of wires, but the quality. We’re using a very high grade high strand silicone wire to keep things from heating up and making the folding parts work smoothly. There will probably be last least 40-50ft just in the main wires. Keeping it tidy is important.

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