Protoype Testing on the SPEEDCinema

Speed Cinema Mini Rail

It been months, but we’re still here. All Spring and summer Nathan and I have been working on prototypes, design refinements and launch plans. Today I wanted to give you a behind the scenes sneak peak for testing we were out doing yesterday.

Here’s a prototype look at the SPEEDCinema. Just one of the configurations of the most versatile, portable camera motion system you’ve ever used. It’s light enough to carry anywhere and heavy duty enough to use with serious cams. Today we’re running our C100 – Oh and did we mention this beauty is going to be VERY affordable.

We really are getting close. You should see big news in the next few weeks. Stay tuned and join the newsletters below to make sure you get updates.

Gavin Seim



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One Response to Protoype Testing on the SPEEDCinema

  1. Unlike any time lapse rail system I’ve ever seen! Can’t wait to read more about this and see it in action! I hope to own a time lapse rail system in the next year.

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